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About some of my passions - salsa, photo, video & work

This website is about my profession as web project leader, salsa, photo and probably some other things I like. You will probably see some pictures from my home country Sweden. And you might even get some glimpes from private Bettina in the salsa pages.


Who are you?

I guess you probably came here from LinkedIn Twitter or any professional website. Or you are one of my salsa soul mates taking part of Göteborgs salsa community. Astonishingly many people come here with help of Google - they manage to spell my name or remember some of my interests. Make it easy - remember bettinaba or and forget about the rest.

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Last video projects

Valentine's Bachata Festival 2011>
Vacilalo Ay gózalo, Croatian Summer Salsa Festival 2010>


About the loss of Mona-Lisa

Read at Thoughts>.



About this website>

Bettina at salsa studio, Stockholm


Kära GIIIC klasskamrater!


Bloggen med bilderna är nere till och från. Allt skall flyttas. Hör av er om ni behöver komma åt sakerna.